Teresa Fudala

Obituary of Teresa Fudala

This is to announce the passing of Teresa Lessie Malone Armstrong Fudala, 67, on December 6, 2022. She was predeceased by her parents Eiphram and Marjorie, and sister Denise. She is survived by her sister Annette and brothers Robert and Jeffery. She is also survived by her beloved husband Frederick; beloved children Melanie and Calvin; beloved grandchildren Sabastian, Casie, Noah and Calvin II; and most importantly to her, I think, two wonderful great granddaughters, Aurora Grace and Karliegh; and her extended family of friends Kym, Joel and Jillian; William and Richard. Of all the things in this world, she wanted most to be a great grandmother. My beloved Punkin, as I called her, told me a story about a career day at school. All of the children of course dutifully told of their aspirations and when it was her turn, she stood up and proudly said "Great Grandmother of course". Teresa was a woman of many contrasts. On one hand, she was a down-home country girl. All she needed was her man, a roof over her head and food in her children's bellies. She was also a sharp dresser and designed many of her own clothing designs. She was also a skilled craftswoman making exquisite Native American necklaces. She was a "Southern Bell" and "Proud Cherokee Woman". To me, she was my "Punkin", my split-a-part and amazing dance partner. Dancing is what kept us together through all the ups and downs of our sometimes tumultuous 36 years of marriage. Her in my arms and me in hers swooping and spinning around the dance floor; there was absolutely no better place to be. God speed, my love. I'll meet you in the mystic one of these days and we can dance forever.
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